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Addison Freshwater and Saltwater New Arrivals!

Addison Freshwater and Saltwater New Arrivals!


Blue Phantom Pleco

Red Devil Angelfish

Silver Arowana

Long Fin Rosy Barb

Green Spotted Puffer

Clouded Archer

Synodontis Petricola

Male Guppys

Clown Loach

Silver Dollar

Albino Bichir

Black Ghost Knife

Galaxy Rasbora

Sapphire Parrot

Yellow Parrot

Roseline Shark

Congo Tetra

Celebes Rainbow

Veil Tail Bettas


Lawnmower Blenny

Orange Spot Blenny

Two Spot Blenny

Diamond Sleeper Goby

Engineer Goby

Blue Spot Jawfish

Blonde Naso Tang

Scopas Tang

Dragon Wrasse

Formosa Wrasse

Ornate Leopard Wrasse

Purple Scale Fairy Wrasse

Super Rose Bubble Tip Anemone

Blue Leg Hermits

Emerald Crab

Cleaner Shrimp

Peppermint Shrimp

Cerith Snail

Mexican Turbo Snail