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DALLAS: Freshwater fish, Saltwater corals and fish, AND Plants!


Clown Loach

Peruvian Angel

Jardini Arowana

Black Ghost

Spotted Gar

Harlequin Rasbora

Roseline Shark

Mexican Dwarf Lobster


Amazon Sword


Christmas Moss

Dwarf Subulata

Giant Hair Grass


Hadi Red Pearl Sword



Java Moss

Jungle Val

Narrow Leaf Micro Sword

Monte Carlo

Red Tiger Lotus

Rotala Wallichii

Water Sprite


Exquisite Fairy Wrasse

Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse

Six Line Wrasse

Carpenters Fairy Wrasse

Ruby Head Fairy Wrasse

Blue Side Fairy Wrasse

Harlequin Tusk

Clown Trigger

Purple Tang

Blue Hippo Tang

Tomini Tang

Two Spot Bristle Tooth Tang

Powder Brown Tang

Golden Head Sleeper Goby

Diamond Sleeper Goby

Two Spot Blenny

Red Firefish

False Yellow Watchman Goby

Wheelers Watchman Goby

Tasseled Filefish

Green Mandarin Goby

Neon Dottyback

Fiji Blue Devil Damsel

Blue Green Chromis

Blue Star Damsel

Bangai Cardinal

Saddleback Butterfly

Copperband Butterfly

Raccoon Butterfly

Striped Fang Blenny

Blue Macenill Assessor

Koran Angel

Singapore Angel

Lemon Peel Angel

Half Black Angel

Neon Devils Hand Coral

Neon Green Toadstool 

Green Sinulara

Neon Green Echinata

Cristata Torch

Red and Green Lobo

Pipe Organ

Acan Lord

Encrusting Montipora

Orange Pavona

Yellow Porites

Hairy Mushrooms

Mixed Zoas

Red Fire Shrimp

Skunk Cleaner Shrimp