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New Fish Arrival at FGH on 1/18!

New Fish Arrival at FGH on 1/18!

Gold Nugget Plecos

Spotted Rubber Lip Plecos

Royal Plecos

Large Bushynose Plecos

Orange Seam Plecos

Twig Cats

Small Ripsaw Cats

Yellow Bumble Bee Cats

Otocinclus Cats

Honeycomb Tatia Cats

Emerald Green Cory Cats

Salt and Pepper Cory Cats (Habrosus)

Schwartz Cory Cats

Spotted Headstanders

Brown Needle Fish

Hatchling Silver Arowanas

Gold Tetras

Rummynose Tetras

Bleeding Heart Tetras

Cardinal Tetras

Transparent Knife Fish

Banded Leporinus

Wild Festivums


And some Saltwater Fish and Inverts too!

Coral Banded Shrimps

Emerald Green Crabs

Pearly Jawfishs

Pygmy Angels

Neon Wrasses

Bicolor Damsels

Pink Tip Anemones

Small Bahamas Starfish

Turbo Snails