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New Saltwater, Plants and Freshwater at Houston!

New Saltwater, Plants and Freshwater at Houston!


Green Chromis

Pajama Cardinal

Bangai Cardinal

Green Madarin Goby

Redfin Fairy Wrasse

Ornate Leopard Wrasse

Purple Dottyback


Yellow Chrysus Wrasse

Multicolor Fairy Wrasse

Coral Beauty Angel

Powder Brown Tang

Gold Midas Blenny

Scooter Blenny

Twinspot Signal Goby

Bicolor Angelfish

Volitan Lionfish

Colored Angler

Brazilian Longsnout Seahorse

Unicorn Tang

Sailfin Tang

Falco Hawkfish

Lemon Peel ANgel

Porcupine Puffer

Copperbanded butterfly

Tomini Tang

Marine Betta

Stars and stripes puffer

Blue Hippo Tang

Picasso Trigger

Freshwater Fish

Blue Angels

Koi Angels

Sunset High Fin Platy

Black Ghost Knife

Blood Parrots

Sapphire Parrots

Yellow Parrots

Freshwater Plants

aluminum Plant


Green Cabomba

Golden LLoydiellla

Narrow Leaf Ludwigia



Compact Amazon Sword

Rangeri Sword

Crypt. Usteriana

Madagascar Lace

Java Fern

Dwarf Baby Tears on driftwood

Anubias Nangi on driftwood

Dwarf Baby Tears Mat

Christmas Moss Portions

Java Moss Portions

Amazon Sword Pot

Ozelot Sword Pot

Radican Sword Pot

Anubias Frazeri Pot

Cardinal Plant Pot

Mini Dwarf Hairgrass Pot

Dwarf Sagittaria Pot

Staurogyne Pot

Water Sprite Pots