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Hang On Filter Guide

Hang On Filters are aquarium filtration systems designed to attach to the back rim of the tank. Featuring a compact structure, they include a rectangular box housing diverse filter media and a water pump.

These filters incorporate mechanical filtration using cartridges or sponges to remove debris. For biological filtration, Hang On Filters provide space for ceramic rings, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. Additionally, Hang On Filters include sections for chemical filter media like activated carbon, effectively eliminating impurities.

The water flow is facilitated by a submersible pump, drawing water from the tank through an intake tube. It then traverses the various filtration stages within the box before returning as filtered water through the outflow.

Renowned for their maintenance ease, Hang On Filters boast accessible filter components, allowing for straightforward replacement or cleaning. Regular maintenance involves rinsing or changing these components to prevent clogs and ensure optimal performance.

Adaptable to smaller to medium-sized aquariums, Hang On Filters are favored for their simplicity and efficiency. While commonly used in freshwater setups, they can also be modified for specific marine aquarium requirements. In essence, Hang On Filters offer efficient mechanical, biological, and sometimes chemical filtration in a user-friendly design, conveniently hanging on the back of the aquarium.